Finance lesson 2

Welcome back. Today we continue talking about financial institutions and their functioning.


1. Last time we listened to Peter Sinclair talking what was happening to institutions 20 years ago. Now we will hear him talking about recent changes in financial industry.

So, listen and answer the questions.

a) What has recently happened to banks in Britain and many other countries?
b) In what way does Peter Sinclair compare the City of London to the Wimbledon tennis
c) Which two words does Peter Sinclair use to summarize the two big recent trends in banking?


Figure 1. That’s London City. Trust me. 

Explain the following words.

We might need them today.

  • boundaries
  • obstacles
  • objective
  • ownership
  • to pursue

2. Very well. Now we are going to look at some advanced words. Ready?





3. Now we will learn to use the vocabulary in the context. Read the article and write the correct words in the right form.

4. Choose True/False based on what we have learnt from the article.

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