Passive voice in context

Passive voice

Simple passive


It is a great way to learn how a larger site is constructed.

If you are given a project, try to do your best.

We were not convinced to change the layout.


Continuous passive


Samples are being developed right now.

New techniques are being implemented.

While tiny aspects were being talked over, we found a huge mistake.

A new assistant wasn’t being trained thoroughly.


Perfect passive


Over the years, Internet has been accepted as a main marketing tool.

Every bug has been fixed so far.

Before we submitted the results, we had been asked to make some corrections.

Many things had been done differently before this technique was implemented.


Future passive


The project will be discussed on Sunday.

In between you will be taught some basics.


Modal Passive


Everything should be done quickly.

The report must be finished.


1. Transform the following sentences into passive voice.

  1. We will finish it in no time!
  2. This tutorial addresses the specific needs and concerns of beginners of all backgrounds.
  3. In this section we have described some of the most common features.
  4. We are putting all these aspects in a wireframe.
  5. Here we have applied a transition.
  6. They were reviewing the whole input thoroughly.
  7. Lack of resources had limited us before we finally found a solution.
  8. The developer had messed the site and we had to redesign it all over again.
  9. The customer asked for an additional function.
  10. This step lays a foundation for everything that follows.
  11. The company might face certain difficulties.
  12. We were finishing the page when he proposed a change.

1.2. Choose the correct variant in the task.

2.  Read the text and put the prepositions into correct places.


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3. Finally, watch the video and do the exercise.

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