Convergence in Telecoms and IT

1. First of all, I’ll offer you a placement test to check some of your knowledge.

2. Let’s brainstorm. Look at the picture and say what tools can be replaced with a mobile phone today?

3.  Read the blog post.

Responding to Convergence

by: Mike Rock

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Convergence is creating new businesses and forcing existing businesses to adapt quickly or die. We are seeing the convergence of telecommunications, IT & Media; the convergence of fixed & mobile services and convergence at device level. All of these trends are creating new markets and making other equipment, products, services and even whole companies rapidly obsolete. For technology manufacturers or service providers, deciding which markets to base your future on becomes a challenge with serious consequences. Should BT or AT&T provide home TV services to replace their declining telephony revenues? Should Kodak integrate a mobile phone into its cameras or just give up?

Does Microsoft still need to sell boxed software when you can download applications onto a smart phone?

Does everyone have to have a mobile offering or have no future? When the communication of voice is just another software application what do equipment manufacturers like Nortel or Alcatel-Lucent do? Google just does search, right?

Collisions within the telecoms, IT and media sectors are occurring now on a daily basis. Like any busy crossroads, there are going to be near misses and head-on crashes. As ever, the survivors will be the companies that understand their customers, and are agile enough to quickly respond to all this change.

  • What main points does the writer make?
  • Do you agree with a statement that companies with high convergence policies will survive?
  • Complete the table below with the names  of the companies whose sevices you use. You will need to make some predictions.

3.1. Now write the bold words in accordance with their meaning

3.2. Write these words in correct gaps.

4. Let’s look at some words and abbreviations we will be using in our further work. You will face them in your homework.

4.1. Read the following article and tell me whether the person specializes in:

a) software; b) hardware; c) telecoms.

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