IELTS Listening 1

Before each section of the Listening Module, you hear a
short introduction. This tells you who is speaking and
what the situation is. It also tells you how many questions
you have to answer before the next break in the recording.
Listen carefully, as this information is not given on the
exam paper. You are then given some time to look at
the questions. There is a short break in the middle of the
recording in Sections 1, 2 and 3, and you are given time
to look at the remaining questions for that section.
In Section 1 of the Listening Module, you listen to
a conversation about an everyday topic.

1. Listen to the introduction to the task and answer these questions.

1. Who are the two speakers?
2. Are they face to face or on the phone?
3. What are they talking about?
4. How many questions will you have to answer before the break in the recording?

2. Note completion is a common task in Section 1. Read the instructions and notes carefully in the time you are given and try to predict the information you need.

a) Look at the instructions for the task. What is the maximum number of words you should write for each answer?

b) Look at the notes for questions 1-10. Which questions will probably need:
a) a number?
b) a time?
c) days of the week?

3. To help you identify the information required for each gap as you listen, you need to match the headings in the notes with expressions you hear.

Match each of the following expressions from the recording to one heading on the form in the exam task.

Example: Can I just check on where you are?          Address of sports Centre

4. Now listen to the conversation and complete the notes as you listen.

Make sure that:

  • the information you have given makes sense in the gap.
  • you have spelled the words correctly.
  • you haven’t written more than three words. (Often, you only need one )
  • you haven’t written words that are already included in the notes (possibly in another form, e.g. regularly in question 3).

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