1.  Think about your answers to the following questions.

Your favourite and least favourite piece of software.

I love _______________ because _______________.

I hate _______________ because _______________.

A piece of software you use regularly and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

__________________ is great because __________________.

__________________ is not so great because ___________________.

2. Now complete the diagram with information about your company’s IT.











3. Cleverbox is a manufacturer of a new type of IP router that is bought by telecoms network operators. It has grown rapidly, both organically and through acquisition. This rapid growth is now causing business problems with integration. The Cleverbox IT Director, Jane Simmons, sent an email to Elizabeth Hardy, from software development company Talking Software Ltd, outlining their problems.

Complete Jane’s email with the expressions below.

• applications • customized • data format • helpdesk

• operating system • releases • software licenses • upgrade

4. You are going to hear Elizabeth giving Jane a short sales presentation about Talking Software. Before you listen, check that you know the meanings of these words.

5. Listen to Elizabeth’s presentation and complete the three slides detailing Talking Software’s areas of expertise.

6. Answer the following questions.

  • What problems have you personally had with software packages?
  • What problems has your company or organization had with software applications?
  • What problems have you seen other people or other organizations have with their software
  • How were these problems fixed in each scenario?

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