IELTS Module A Revision

Topic vocabulary overview

The three main topics we have covered were exercise, nutrition and health. You may need to recognise and use words and phrases connected with these topics in IELTS Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Modules.

1 Complete each phrase below by choosing the best word from the boxes. Use each word once only.


Health and health problems

b. Now complete these extracts with appropriate phrases from Exercise l a.

2 General wordsSome words do not relate to specific topics, but can be used in a wide variety of general and academic contexts. Often these words are used in texts to introduce or refer back to more specific words and examples. They are therefore useful for linking ideas. You will find these words useful for both Tasks 1 and 2 of the Writing Module.Complete the sentences using a general word from the box. Then underline the specific examples given in the sentence for each general word.

activities        benefits       developments    events

factors functions      products       responsibilities

sectors      trends

3 Describing graphs

In Module A pages 11-13, you looked at how to organise and write a description of a line graph.

a Look at the sentences below and number them in the best order to describe this graph. The first and last ones have been done for you

b In the comments to this post, write out the sentences as a complete report, dividing them up into paragraphs.

c Rewrite the following sentences from Exercise 3a as shown, using a noun form rather than a verb

4 Word formation: language of change

Place ‘+’ next to verbs in the list below which are unchanged in the noun form. Where the noun is different, write it next to the verb.

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