Financing International Trade Homework

1. Read the beginning of the article and answer the questions. Don’t pay attention to the unknown words.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday condemned Japan’s
decision to remove his country from a “white list” of favoured trading
partners, calling it a “reckless” move and threatening unspecified

Tokyo’s “selfish act will inflict tremendous damage on the world
economy by disrupting global supply chains”, he said in remarks
to a cabinet meeting called at short notice and televised live.

  • Which two countries is the article about?
  • What kind of relationships is reflected in the article?
  • Which words have helped you to understand this?

1. 1. Before we go on, let’s look at the new words.

  • In what ways can the global economy be disrupted?
  • What financial decisions can inflict bad consequences on a company?
  • What financial advisor will be surely condemned?
  • What reckless actions are the most popular in your field of expertise?
1.2. Finish the article on your own.

2. Fill in the gaps with correct words.

3. Choose the correct responses for the following situations.

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