Software In Web Design

1.  Think about your answers to the following questions.

Your favourite and least favourite piece of software.

I love _______________ because _______________.

I hate _______________ because _______________.

A piece of software you use regularly and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

__________________ is great because __________________.

__________________ is not so great because ___________________.

2. Now complete the diagram with information about your company’s IT.

3. Choose the correct options in the quiz about Photoshop.

4. Remember what the last work you did in Photoshop was.  Tell me about it and, if necessary, provide visuals.

5. Look at the extract of the article and answer the questions that follow.

WordPress is unsophisticated and free open-source software. It integrates with the best drag and drop page builders to add both plain and intricate features to your template. Whether you want to create a real estate website template or a business theme, you can use WordPress to generate any kind of website design in no time.

So as to save time, you can also check out the best built-in WordPress themes. You can install a WordPress theme and edit it as required. Each theme has a basic structure, and you can change anything in a theme like its colors, background, images, etc.

Additionally, WordPress installation doesn’t pose a problem either. You just need to make use of a domain name and web hosting to get started with WordPress, which costs around $14.99 per year and $7.99 per month respectively. In the meantime, this can be quite a lot when you’re just starting out with a new website.Adapted from: the article

  • Where could the extract be taken from: a magazine article, academic research, tutorial, etc.?
  • What are the main features of WordPress?
  • Explain the words in the bolds

6. Pick one type of software that you fancy and describe its main features, how it works and what benefits a user might get from using it.


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