1. Write C in front of the correct sentences and I in front of the incorrect ones.

2. Read the following extract. What other information would you include about networking in IT?


Being one of the fast- growing fields, networking is a branch closely intertwined with information technology (IT). It incorporates the processes of building, using and maintaining computer networks – including hardware, software and protocols – so that multiple computing devices can share data (sources: Technopedia; Lifewire).

Networking can comprise home or business computer networks, and wired or wireless computer networks. On a par with their classification, computer networks can differ in their design. The 2 basic forms of network design are client/server and peer-to-peer networks.

A client/server network is maintained by a centralised server that stores things like emails, Web pages, files and applications, and is accessed by client computers or other client devices. Nevertheless, a peer-to-peer network doesn’t generally rely on a centralised server – instead, client devices connect and communicate with one another to share information and support the same functions (source: Lifewire).

While client/server networks are ubiquitous within businesses, peer-to-peer networks are more commonplace among homes. And, with networking playing a vital role for most businesses in today’s world, networking roles are in increasingly high demand.

3. Fill in the gaps with some of the bolded words from the text.

4. Read the information about unless and rewrite the following sentences in another way.


Unless = if not

Unless you do = if you don’t do

If you don’t want to be in charge of everything, you will have to delegate a part of work to someone.

We will have reached the sales of $12 mln by next year if there aren’t any delays.

If you aren’t sticking to the date, you will be held responsible.

If the company hasn’t managed to implement the product by the end of May, it will have to make amends to its investors.

5. Look at the difference between the sentences and then fill in the gaps with one of the words, before or until.

She will arrive before 10 p.m.

She won’t arrive until 10 p.m.

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