IELTS Speaking 2

In Part 2 of the Speaking Module, you have to talk about something. You may be asked to describe one of the following: a person, a place, an event, an activity or an object.


1 a Complete each sentence below with one adjective that is opposite in meaning to the adjective underlined.

supportive               calm            funny            hardworking         

noisy              selfish             shy                   warm

b Put the adjectives into the correct category.

c Complete this information with examples from the sentences above.

d Write sentences to describe these people, using the language in Exercise 1. 

  • a member of your family
  • a neighbour
  • a friend
  • a celebrity you don’t like

The candidate task card always asks you to describe something and to explain something. The prompts give you sufficient material to talk about for two minutes.

Read the candidate task card below and answer these questions.

1 What do you have to describe and explain?

2 How many prompts are given in addition to the ‘describe’ and ‘explain’ instructions?

3 What tense will you use for each of the prompts?

4 Who would you choose to talk about?

Describe someone you know who is popular in your neighbourhood. You should say:

(1) who this person is

(2) when you first met this person

(3) what sort of person he/she is

and explain (4) why you think this person is popular.

 a Listen to a candidate talking about this topic and say what the speaker mentioned about the following.

Prompt 1: a doctor

Prompt 2: met him

Prompt 3: calm, quiet; gentle way of speaking

Prompt 4: a good doctor

 Listen again and answer these questions.

1 Did the speaker use all the prompts?

2 Did you learn much about the person she described and their relationship?

3 Did the speaker describe the person’s physical appearance in detail?

4 Did she speak for at least two minutes?

5 Was it clear when the speaker moved from describing to explaining?

6 Did the speaker use the same tense for each prompt?

4 Look at the ‘signals’ which the speaker used to start and end her talk:

‘The person I’m going to tell you about is …’

‘The reason why I think he is popular is because …’

Now make opening and closing sentences for talks on the following topics, using the language in the box below.

1 Your favourite story.                                   4 A relative.

2 Your favourite weekend activity.             5 Your best birthday.

3 A happy occasion.                                     6 Your best holiday.

The person

The thing

The occasion

The activity

The experience

The place

The holiday




I’m going to tell you about







The reason why

I enjoy (doing) this I admire him/her

I remember it

…is because…
it was my best…

it was my favorite…

…was because

5 In the exam, you will have one minute to prepare for the talk and you can make notes in that time. You could use a simple list or a mindmap to organise our thoughts.

a Spend one minute making notes on the task in Exercise 2 above.

b Now use your notes to talk about the topic for two minutes. Time yourself and record yourself if you can.

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