Data Security

1.  You are going to hear Jon, a bank security officer, answer some questions about his job. Before you listen, complete the sentences with the following words. Then listen to the audio and check yourself.

•spear            • white-hat                 • worms                   

• ping sweep                 • TCP IP                   • certificates

2. These were the questions that the interviewer asked Jon. Listen again and match the questions 1-6 to Jon’s answers A-E on the CD. There is one question that was not asked (NA).

3. Use the following words to complete gaps 5-8. Then ask me questions to figure out the words in gaps 1-4.

e.g. What is the difference between a virus and a worm?

• pharming              • keylogger              •identity theft            • spyware

4. Read the introduction to an email and answer the questions.

  •  Who is this email from (i.e. an employee, IT specialist, customer etc)?
  • Who is the email to?
  •  What is the basic problem being discussed?
  •  What will the rest of the email be about?
  •  What kind of ideas might be in the rest of the email?

From: Rupert Hills-Jones            To: All employees

Dear All,

Unfortunately there have been several instances recently of data falling into the wrong hands. I have been a victim of ID theft and we have lost a few company laptops and memory sticks containing sensitive trading information. The following rules around data and data security are mandatory and failure to abide by these will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. I am sorry for the stern tone but this is a very serious issue for us all.

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