Services Homework

1. Look at the home page for InterAsia Car and make notes on:

  • who InterAsia Car’s customers probably are.
  • how InterAsia Car probably attracts most of its customers.
  • three ways in which a Managed Service Provider might be able to help lnterAsia Car.

InterAsia Car


InterAsia Car is a family-owned and reasonably priced car and motorbike rental company in Thailand. With our good range of well maintained and insured can and Jeeps. you can enjoy your stay and explore Thailand the easy way.

We have offices at all the major airports in Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, Patuya and offer a drop-off and pick-up service anywhere in Thailand.

InterAsia Car has been in operation since 2006 and is one of Thailand’s fastest-growing car rental operators.

Why choose InterAsia Cart

·  All our rental cars, jeeps, motorcycles are maintained to the highest standards.

·  Honest. reliable. friendly car rental business.

·  No hidden extra costs — what you see is what you pay (tax, insurance all included in rental rates).

2. The management team at InterAsia Car are having a meeting to decide what they might need from ThaiManagement. Chen the MD is talking with Anurak, his IT director and Betty, the Customer Service Manager.

Read the comments they made about the table of services  (LOCATED IN EXERCISE 3). Try to match the comments below with the rows a—i in the table from exercise 3.

3. Chen, the MD of InterAsia Car, is trying to negotiate a deal with Maliwan, the Sales Director from ThaiManagement. Listen to the dialogue. Circle the elements of the Silver Service and Gold Service in the table below that Chen and Maliwan agree on. See the example.

4. Listen to the extract of our company’s discussion. Say who uses the following expressions. For Chen, write C, and for Maliwan, write M.

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