Services 2

Asking for suggestions

What can you do about that?

How do you suggest we deal with that?


Delaying a direct answer

I’ll see what we can do.

I’ll have to think about that.


Asking for reactions to a proposal

Would you consider …

How does that sound?


Talking about needs

We require …

I’d like to talk you through what we are after. What we are looking for is …


Give and take

If you …, then I could …

We can do that …, but only if you also …

1. A customer is talking to an MSP. Put the following dialogue into the correct order. The first one has been done for you.

Bronze ThaiManagement's Bronze package includes:
  • A freephone Helpdesk number for you to report all your faults during normal business hours
  • Experienced service agents responding to your call within 30 seconds
  • Management of your fault with our market-leading trouble ticket system
  • Qualified field maintenance engineers who are fully trained and equipped to fix your faults
  • A guarantee that we will respond to your fault by the next working day
  • All available for a low-cost service fee payable monthly
  • A minimum contract of three years is required


Silver ThaiManagement’s Silver package includes:

  • Same day response to technology faults reported to our Helpdesk
  • Service agents will take your calls during extended business hours (seven days a week!)
  • Proactive Fault Monitoring — our agents will test and ping your equipment and services on a regul; basis to spot problems before you do
  • Performance monitoring of your network to find any bottlenecks or cost-saving opportunities
  • Monthly Service Reports allowing you to spot trends in usage and problem areas and plan better for
  • A ThaiManagement service Manager assigned to your account, responsible for your total service experience
  • A minimum contract of five years is required

ThaiManagement’s Gold package includes:

  • A dedicated team proactively monitoring your equipment & services for faults 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A fast, four hour guaranteed response to all faults reported 24/7
  • Performance and utilisation monitoring of all your network and applications to ensure users get the experience they want
  • Real time reporting provided online, enabling you to see what’s happening with your technology infrastructure at all times
  • A dedicated ThaiManagement Service Manager just for your business
  • Buyback of your existing infrastructure as part of the agreement
  • Technology refresh on an annual basis during the service contract
  • A minimum contract term of five years is required

2. We are going to roleplay a situation. Read your task carefully.

You work for ThaiManagement. Teacher, who works for the
Bangkok branch of the estate agency Maxland (last lesson),
has come to see you to discuss managed services.
Teacher only wants some of the features of the Gold Service.
After discussing the matter with your boss, you have decided that
each feature of the Gold service is worth a monthly fee of 6000
Thai Baht.
Role play the negotiation to get the best price for as few
services as possible.

3. Match the words to make expressions.

4. Now  some  of  the  expressions  from  Exercise  3 to  fill  in  the  gaps.

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