Passive Voice In The Context Of Software

          1. You are going to read an article about emotion-detection applications. Before you read, answer the  following questions. Generally, are applications good at detecting expressions? Can you give an example of (a) similar app\software? What is it used for? 2. Now read the following article and answer the question that Read more about Passive Voice In The Context Of Software[…]

Software Homework

              1. After analysing the two businesses, Talking Software produced a report for Cleverbox. Read the Executive Summary below and match sentences 1-6 with sections i)—iv)c of the summary. e.g. Two different apps are used to maintain the same function. iv)a Cleverbox Software: Problems & Options Executive Summary Talking Read more about Software Homework[…]


1.  Think about your answers to the following questions. Your favourite and least favourite piece of software. I love _______________ because _______________. I hate _______________ because _______________. A piece of software you use regularly and what its advantages and disadvantages are. __________________ is great because __________________. __________________ is not so great because ___________________. 2. Now Read more about Software[…]

Input Devices Homework

1. First of all, let’s revise the vocabulary that we looked at during the lesson. 2. Now fill in the gaps in the add with some of the words from Exercise 1. THE NEW VISION 3. Read the following article on recent issues concerning Facebook and answer the questions.

Input Devices

1. Write down the names for the following devices. 2. Listen to a technician talking about input devices and fill in the gaps with suitable words.  Which of the decices from Exercise 1 is describing? 3. Read the following information on the way to describe technical features. Describing functions In the listening, the mouse was Read more about Input Devices[…]