Nouns -ion discussion, election -ation organization, population, communication ! Remember. –ion and –ation come from the same area. It is fine to say a word out loud to understand what fits best. AND they are the most popular suffixes. -ment improvement, management -ness weakness, darkness, happiness ! Remember –ness is used for abstract nouns and Read more about Nouns[…]


Adverbs -ly quickly, rationally Remember! 1) There are irregural adverbs that aren’t different from adjectives: fast-fast, hard-hard, late-late, early-early + good-well 2) Sometimes you think you need an adverb, but it’s an adjective. *It is so important! (not so importantly) 3) You use an adjective after verbs of feelings: taste, sound, look, smell. *It tastes Read more about Adverbs[…]

Negative prefixes

            NEGATIVE PREFIXES -un unsuccessful, unimportant -in inaccurate, incapable -dis dishonest, disobedient -ir irresponsible, irregular -im immoral, impolite -il illegal, illegitimate Don’t forget. Sometimes you need double transformation. It’s so awful! He is so _______ (responsibility). -> He is so responsible. -> He is so irresponsible.


            ADJECTIVES -ous dangerous, generous -ic athletic, economic -al magical, natural -ful (a lot of this)\less (little of this) helpful, colourful -ive progressive, positive -able (you can do sth with it) drinkable, sociable Remember! Sometimes you need double transformation. philosophy – philosophical (ic+al)