Software In Web Design

1.  Think about your answers to the following questions. Your favourite and least favourite piece of software. I love _______________ because _______________. I hate _______________ because _______________. A piece of software you use regularly and what its advantages and disadvantages are. __________________ is great because __________________. __________________ is not so great because ___________________. 2. Now Read more about Software In Web Design[…]

Passive Voice In The Context Of Software

          1. You are going to read an article about emotion-detection applications. Before you read, answer the  following questions. Generally, are applications good at detecting expressions? Can you give an example of (a) similar app\software? What is it used for? 2. Now read the following article and answer the question that Read more about Passive Voice In The Context Of Software[…]

Financing International Trade Homework

1. Read the beginning of the article and answer the questions. Don’t pay attention to the unknown words. South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday condemned Japan’s decision to remove his country from a “white list” of favoured trading partners, calling it a “reckless” move and threatening unspecified countermeasures. Tokyo’s “selfish act will inflict tremendous Read more about Financing International Trade Homework[…]

Financing international trade 2

What do the following words mean? Endorse Interests Drawee Charges 1. An inexperienced exporter calls his bank’s trade finance department, to get more information about bills of exchange. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions below. In a standard bill of exchange, who are the drawer, the drawee and the payee? What is the Read more about Financing international trade 2[…]